Naturally occurring treatment for hair without harmful chemicals.

Various work can be done according to our day-to-day activities. For example, when exercising is not carried out properly, bones and other parts of the body will be damaged. However, the body has a method of reshaping this type of damage. But unfortunately, there is no system in the body to repair the damage if it gets damaged.

As well as other organs in the body, hair needs to be healthy and healthy for growth. Thus, it is a combination of health-related hair nourishment, age, maintenance, climate and hormonal balance. Today, we are going to present you with a hair care system that uses a simple natural method without chemicals.

Materials required:

A ginger tuber A table spoon of olive oil A spoon of honey Formulation and use:

First ginger to get the juice and get the juice from it. Then rinse the ginger juice into a small jar and mix it with the other ingredients and make the medicinal mixture. When preparing the medicinal mixture made of the table, whiten the hair when it is wet and cover it with shampoo for about 40 minutes.

Other gummy benefits for gum: Speeding the growth of hair Hair loss Strengthening the hair Removing the ghosts

In 2 minutes, the teeth whitish natural teal.

Everyone enjoys enjoying a pair of teeth. A person who has a white-tey smile is dainty and touches the other’s taste. Protecting oral health is vital to the health and well-being of others.

If you have a tremendous amount of need to whiten your teeth, stop using the various chemicals with full chemicals, and use this simple natural teacup for two minutes. You only need baking soda and lemon. After obtaining these ingredients, follow the steps below.

Take a small bowl and add a baking soda table. Then take a lemon and squeeze a spoon of lemon juice. Next, mix a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. Finally, use the mixture to soak the teeth and soak the mouth out of the mouth for about two minutes in the middle of your mouth.

Once you use this simple toothpaste, you’ll see good results. Warning: Do not use this tooth, as it can cause damage.

Let coconut trees and eggs be used to feed the hair

Most of the problems that arise in the hair are two effective ingredients for eggs and coconut oil. Eggs and coconut oil alone are individually suited for a lot of health benefits, and when we combine these raw materials with other key raw materials together, we present to you the health benefits for the hair.

The first coating – coconut oil, eggs and honey

The recipe:

Bring a jar and add two tablespoons of pure oil.
Take another jar and then dig into an egg and mix well.
Now place a honey table spoon in this bottle.
The next step is to mix the ingredients together and apply the coating on the hair.
After applying the coating, apply a well-coated cream over the head so that it coats on the head root.
Stay for about 45 minutes and wash off the hair with a gentle shampoo.

The health benefits for the hair with this coating This coating is very helpful for the bleak hair. The proteins and other nutrients needed for the growth of the hair are included in the eggs, which strengthen the muscles of the hair and increase the size of the hair. Polymers and honey protect the hair’s viscosity and maintain the smoothness of the hair.

The second ointment – coating eggs, polythelium and ketchambah oil The recipe:

Put a jar and add two tablespoons of coconut oil. Take another bowl to tear down an egg and put it well. Add 5 tablespoons of Kottambra oil. s Then mix all the ingredients well and apply the coating. As with the above coating, wash your hair with shampoo and shampoo for 45 minutes with a lot of hair on the hair.

Oil and coconut oil mix together, while combining the oil together to prevent damage to the hair and to make the hair shiny and creamy. Apply this greasing to two o’clock in the week and use this care. Then your hair will grow and your strong and strong hair will grow.

Gray hair reddish lemon and coconut mixture

Hair Scratching is the first symptom of a woman’s age. For a woman, this is something like a nightmare. The simplest way to do hair is to dye the hair on the hair. There are many dye products, but this depends on only a few days. And there are many other things that happen in these areas.

Melanin, low nutrition, low eating habits, pollution, smoking, hormonal fluctuation, acupuncture, hair loss, thyroid problems, and hair conspiracies. Healthy foods are consumed, while the combinations of the chemically-colored hair are only used by two simple ingredients without using different chemicals.

Lemon and coconut oil mixture

Materials required:

Three fresh Lemon juice teaspoons Natural oil Mix the ingredients and mix them instantly with the hair and hair and leave for an hour. After that, use a gentle shampoo and wash well the hair. Perform this service once a week.

How does this mixture work?

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and lauric acid. As a result, the coconut oil that has a direct effect on the growth of the hair is strengthening, strengthening and repairing. The combination of lemon phosphorous, vitamin C and vitamin V helps to combine the combinations of gray with natural combinations of natural ingredients.

Let’s clear the black head using tomatoes

Chin, and cheekbones and foreheads, which are most likely to cause the black head to become very ugly. Today, we are going to present you how to easily remove some of the natural methods by using black tomatoes, which are quite difficult to remove. Tomatoes Brush the fresh and red-colored tomatoes and cut into small pieces. Put the juice of these tomatoes put into a grinder. Wash the face thoroughly and place the coating on the black head head on the face.

Black Heads, which cause puffiness in the skin, help to remove dry skin from the tomato juice. The nutritional content of tomatoes removes the dust from the skin and gives the skin adequate nutrition. This helps you to make good results four times a week during the week. Tomatoes and lemon juice

Put a tomato boil in a boiling water tank for a minute. Then use your fingers to remove the bark from the tomato bore. Put the next step into a glass jar, make a tomato cake with a small crushed coating. Then add a teaspoon of lemon juice to this. Cover and massage on places with black heads. Purify and wash the faces off for a brief period of time.

Tomato’s antiseptic moisture removes bacteria from the bacteria and cleans the pores of the skin and cleans the black head using antioxidant strength and acidity, with tomatoes. Apply this coating twice a week to achieve successful results.

Tomato and baking soda Take tomatoes, boil and cut into pills. Add two tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl and add the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtomato slices to the batter soda to the tomato slices. Sweep the tomatoes on the places of black head and put them thirty minutes. Then wash the faces and then wash them. Tomato citric acids, vitamins C and vitamin A, cleans the pores of the skin and eliminate dead skin cells, and add baking soda.

Diabetes is a charming beverage

A malfunction of the hormone insulin in the human body is caused by the increase in blood glucose levels, called diabetes. The first form of diabetes, the first gastrointestinal tract, produces a weakening of the immune system and the destruction of all the insulin-producing cells by the immune system. Because of this, the body’s cells fail to absorb glucose insulin without the ability to produce body energy.

Because of insulin resistance, the body is unable to use insulin, resulting in the second inflammation of diabetes. When the second plague of diabetes develops, the nystagmus lowers insulin, and this condition is called insulin insulin. That’s why you should keep your blood glucose level at a healthy level of whatever image of diabetes.

Today, this letter prepares to present you with a simple beverage that can be used at home to control diabetes.

Materials required:

A green apple
Two potato tubers
Two celery sticks
A spicery of spinach
How to make drink:

First, wash all the ingredients and purify them and remove the bark from the bark and cut into small pieces. After that, remove the apple seed and then mix well with a homogeneous mixture. Drink it for five days in the autumn emptiness.

The carrot contains beta-carrotine, which controls the level of blood glucose, and the “malic” acid in the apple, through the use of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C and A in potassium, and potassium content of magnesium contained in the celery Diabetes is well-managed.

Do you know that these are the worst viruses in human history?

Who’s afraid of sickness? Nature itself is the cause of the creation of man just like nature and humanity. The human immunodeficiency virus is said to produce within the AIDS-influenza virus to the inside. Hence, I was hiding from the world and at various times I thought to describe a little bit about the worlds most dangerous virus of the world.  

1. Ebola

A recent illness caused by a disease is the most prevalent cause of Ebola. In 1976, thousands of people died in Sachan, Africa. It’s the virus itself. Using the Ebola River in Congo, the name of this virus has been developed because of the location where the first people were infected with Ebola.

The disease, which is believed to infect human beings via fruit bats, monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees, is spread by human swelling. It begins with symptoms like fever, fatigue, headache, and vaginal bleeding, diarrhea, rashes, kidney and liver failure, and bleeding from the inside and out of the body.


In 1967, in Marburg, Virginia, and in Serbia (later Yugoslavia), the first patients were found with the virus. The researchers in the laboratories began to identify with an unrecognized disease, and when further investigations were carried out, it was revealed that the disease was infected with the African leaf monkeys brought to the laboratory several days earlier.

The leaf has brought the monkeys to check for polio. Infected through the contact, the onset of headache, fever, and nose twitches can be identified as symptoms. Since then, internal organs may develop in disability, and internal bleeding may occur parallel thereto.

The largest death toll from the disease was reported between 1998-2000 and 2004-05. During the 98-2000 period, 128 people were killed in a gold mining company in the Congo. This is the highest number of deaths during 2004-05. It killed 227 people in Angola, Ugi. In 2008, an American traveler and a Dutch woman who had gone to see a cave in Kiriwawulan in Uganda had contracted this disease.


The “Four Corners Virus” was first discovered as a mammalian infection (mouse).

In 1990, this virus, which spread across Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and the Yutah colony, is also known as the “Sin Nombre Virus”. The disease, which has been spread through blood, blood, and air, was first discovered during the Korean War. In the United States, 2012, the Hinta virus, which has symptoms such as kidney failure, lingual fluid accumulation, has been recovering again. About the same year, four of the patients who were infected with the disease near the Yosemite National Park died from a relapse, but two of them did not heal.

A girl is said to be a freedom

You can say that a girl is saying freedom is all that is happening in the world. We say this is not the pleasure. We say this when we want to do it. For now, the girls will actually agree. Now that there is something to add, let us know definitely.

1. Homelessness is the will of the mind without problems

Some girls are all right. Going to school for six years, you’re a doctor. Dentist! Doctor! He needs three of them. There is a doctor. Then you do not have any soldiers. You have to marry. Here you go. And this is not the age of luxury, and you are getting old. So, if you make up a kid, There is a child who is being flogged, playing another one for another. There are different types of homes. Therefore, the first factor that suggests that a girl is liberated is to give you a love of your choice.

2. A shopping card

If there is a shopping basket for shopping, then the girls will be wearing the same suit in color. So when you are granted permission to have your husband’s husband, lover or your brother’s credit card, there are women who think that freedom is equal.

3. A man who accepts all the responsibilities

She’s awakened in the morning, she can wake her, she can wake, she can cook, have a drive, drive, money, comfort or cope with grievances, even if she has a masculine man, then she does not have anything more.

Hair Bonding, Hair Extensions … What is this?

Previously, we did not just talk about repetitive behavior, but also Reindein Bondin, Stratin and one of them. Hey, he wants to know about Hey, Bundin, or Hey Hayastones / Hai Viveing. The appearance of a hairless male and female is very influential in our appearance. As a result, when you are hairless, you come to the bottom of this hedgehog patch to help you worry about your appearance. Use this hedge trimmer to show the size of your hair on your head.

1. What is Hair Bonding?

Heat bowling is a natural, synthetic, or synthetic hair that is similar to your hair, using your hair using a gum. This is a temporary ha ha longevity. For some time only this hea can be used. This technique is used to increase the appearance of the hair, and it is more popular with haws .

Hair Healing is a useful way to prevent damage to the head hair.You can use chemicals to protect your hair from your hair as you like.

2. Soft Bonding and Hard Bonding

There are two ways of having a hack boxing system, and one of them is Hard Talk. The Soto Bond is more sophisticated, more comfortable and more flexible than Hardboard, which uses lutex and acrylic based adhesives. For this purpose, special softwares and softwares are available at home.

Handshakes are used to attach the hair to a hair sticker. You can not even do a home button like a buzzin at home. You need to get the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon. If it is easy to handle SoftBoard, it’s easier to handle hard-core bold.

3. Things to be aware of after a heuindin

Do not hesitate to bruise hair after a hair bowl. It’s important to blush well every day to handle it more smoothly.

Wash only the hair twice a week. Do not use hot water. Use a non-silicone and sulphate-free shampoo to clean the hair. Do not wash your entire hair with your hair and do not wash your hair. Slide the fingers systematically from the skull to the bottom.

It’s normal to feel somewhat uncomfortable for a day after four days. And two-thirds of these extensions are also a normal situation.

Do not do hair styling, curling, or bluray drying frequently. Do this every week or even twice a week.

Go to sleep while going to bed while you’re sleeping. Do not worry about getting your hair back.

If you’re going swimming. Wrinkle the hair with a bare head, do not crochet, and swim with a cap. Wash the hair immediately after you bathe.

4. What to remember

Take the look of a qualified beautician to help you get rid of the baddo. Because hedgehogs are suitable for removing hedgehounds, they can damage the natural hairs by removing the hedge hood itself.

Even though hair does not temporarily increase the length and length of hair, it is important that at least six weeks after each bowel hair is given a hair rest. Frequently, you can use your head and neck to get rid of your hair, while doing some exercise or doing other things.

Also, if you are having a hairdresser after discussing hair care, discuss with your beautician. Sometimes the chemicals that are used in one or more chemicals may lose power.

5.What are other Heyress Exceptions to Bindings.

Tape and Extensions – Extrastable for four to eight weeks from this method. To bathe and pamper very carefully. A special tape is made to tie the hair to the skull.

Clip-in or Clip-on Hair Extensions – Clips is a means of retaining the hair at the same time. This should be lifted throughout the day, but it should be removed before bedtime. This is a convenience to a person who wants to make a haute style a little like a party.

Fusion Extensions – a hair stylist is used with a mask such as glouispane. If you want to keep it running, you should update this one for three or four months. But if you think it’s possible to continue to maintain, the chemicals used in chemicals used in chemicals may need to be concerned about the possible damage to the skull.

Weave and Track Extensions – A simple method that adds Ekstrans to natural hair. Most of the time, this method is used to show the longevity of the hair. The only disadvantage in maintaining this system is that it can last for two to three months, increasing the chances of tying the hair.

Hidden Crown Extensions – an example method that connects to the top of the hips with transparent threads. This method is suitable for those with very weak hair, so it does not use any kind of attachment or chemilk. Easy to install and remove, this can be used temporarily every day. You can usually manage this excerce, other than what you can sleep for.

6. Prices

The use of synthetic hair, natural hair and the length, hair size and the method used varies from price to value. In addition, durability also changes in prices. It is more expensive, and the synthetic hair is relatively cheap, if it is not unprofitable, with no natural chemistry.

Are you using all of these sphincter Krya products? Learn about it

The glow skin is now widely misunderstood by white males. Because of this, there are many other things like white powder, white cream, and pancreas, which are sold very much to the market. However, those who have been affected by bleachin cream have experienced similar effects on the natural Melanin pigment,

The glow skin is not a white skin. The skin of the woman who brought her from the skin is a shiny, skinless skin, without acne, scarring, dry and no oil. To get a leathery skin like this, our girls are using various creams, scrubs, toners and clenching products.

But do you know how to use these things correctly? Today, this article uses the right cosmetic products you use and the benefits of each product.

If your skin is damaged

Previously, there were some blochin ‘blochin’ about those who had suffered some damage. If you are a bleachin cream for skin and scars and pimples and pimples, make sure to consult a physician before using any of these artificial products. It is necessary to rest for three months after uncollecting any grease.

Identifying the nature of the skin

Before you buy anything, you need to know your nature. It should be an oily skin, a dry skin, or an ordinary mixed skin. Here you can find out the nature of a little experiment in this way.

Skinny Care Products

Another thing is that you go to a shop and pick up some of the products from each nation and use it to their intended destination. There is a way to use the stitch kayak products. In addition, these products are reserved for morning and night in the morning. Night cream is not to be spoiled for night or day cream. The time and the way the skin works are different. And there’s the age to start using some products.

1. Klencer

Cleansers do the skin cleansing. Even the dust from the clencher is removed from the skin. Makkap and all day long dirt on the skin, if not eliminated from the skin, the higher the risk of acne. Therefore, if you are using a MacBook for a job, you must use a KlenZer.

Or use a cleanser to clean the skin before nightfall. In the garden’s kitchen work, the house is exposed to oily smoke in the home without going to work.

2. face wash

Face disinfection contains soap. As a result, it is necessary to transfer the oil and dust from the small holes in the skin to the skin and to clear the facial cleanser. It’s enough to use a face-clip only in the morning without using a clutch.

3. Toner

Many people do not use it, but a very important product for skin survival. ClenZer and Facem USH, which restore the holes in the skin, make it a cover for skin, and now it has improved to the same skin condition as the skin. At the same time, the tanks are now in the market for those types of typhoons.

4. Anti Acne Products

If you have acne, you will have to have purged products for acne after using the toner. Before working on moisturizers and saramas, the product that treats acne prevents it from reaching its two lysers. Its functionality is better.

5. Seram

Separate product for skin defects. It will give the required layer of skin. Especially the first one is the most important one after 30 years of age. These things help us protect our skin’s natural balance and moisture when it comes to age. Vitamin C and E are also used to reduce skin wrinkles. Dates and kites can be bought as varieties. The anointing is sufficient twice a day.

6. eye Cream

The toner or clencer we previously told you is not eye contacting. Only facial cleanser is cleaning your eyes. Face to face with face is the skin. That’s why Avoid Eye Area is the most widely used product in the world. For this reason, it has been specially developed to treat sensitive eyelets. It’s only after 30 years that you need to start using this cream. Passes cream to prevent skin from becoming black and wrinkled, as well as underwear and suitcases. This can also be taken as Day and Night. At night it’s important to use this cream

7. Moisturizers

Moisture in your skin is very health conscious. Suitable for oily skin, moisturizers. A moist can be avoided to avoid many wrinkles like skin wrinkles. After moisture, apply moisturizing to the moisturizers. This is important for treating skin moisture without leaving the skin. You can get this moisturizer as dairy cream and kite cream.

Finally, if this arrangement is done remotely to you.

Cleanse the skin with a cleanser and remove the cloth from the skin and remove the skin from the skin and wash the face with a face cloth.

Closer and Fesh Wash Wash the holes in the skin and use a toner to keep your skin moist.

If the skin is an acne, use a moisturizing cream to treat the skin and moisturizing the skin around the eyes and using a moisturizer.

Before buying each of these products, you need to know your skin type.