Let’s be aware of 5 myths about Sun Cream

Sri Lanka has sunshine every day of the year. There are many harmful effects of sunburn on the skin. Exposure to sunlight can also cause skin cancer. That’s why it is important to apply sun cream to protect your skin from the sun.

Exposure to sunlight causes UV rays to dry out the skin and change the production of melanin pigment. Sun Cream releases UV rays from the skin. This is why it is said that sun cream protects your skin. Sun Cream can be categorized in different ways according to SPF, Sun Protection Factor. The SPF value is called,

“The ratio of time to skin redness after exposure to sunlight without SPF coating and the ratio of time to skin redness after SPF coating.”

For example, your skin will be reddened in 20 minutes after exposure to sunlight. If the sun cream you use is 30 SPF, you can stay exposed to sunlight for 600 minutes (10 hours) after applying it.

Here are some basic things to know about sun cream. Let’s look at what are some of the prevailing misconceptions about these.

SPF can be applied to the skin with a make-up or cream.

This is a misconception. Exposure to sunlight, especially with a low SPF coating, will not harm your skin. So when buying cosmetics, check the SPF value. Also make sure the label ‘Broad Spectrum Numbers’ is included. That means UVA provides protection against UVB rays.

SPF 100 will protect the skin completely.

This is also a misconception. No coatings can provide 100% protection against sunburn. As mentioned in this article, all you have to do is calculate the SPF value and select the coating.

Sun Cream may increase the risk of skin cancer.

Research has shown that this is also a false notion.

If you are exposed to sunshine at a young age, your skin is already damaged.
Many women suffer from various infections due to sun cream.

Before applying any external coatings, after a little testing to see if they are good for the skin. Therefore, the claim that many women are allergic to Sun Cream is a complete lie.

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