The magic of growing hair quickly

Healthy Natural Hair
Whatever hair care is involved, it is important to do everything carefully. Do you know why? We’re dealing with our heads. Inside the skull is the most valuable human organ, the brain. That is why we have to be more careful in our dealings with the head.

It is now known that hair grows to 1 or 2 cm in a month. Perhaps this is due to genetic influences. Lack of quick hair growth is stressful for many young women. So here are a few easy steps to help you grow your hair faster

01 Cut your hair regularly

Many people are afraid and unwilling to cut their hair. It is because of the belief that it will take longer for the hair to grow back. But the main cause of hair growth is the lack of hair and the shortening of the hair. One of the most important things to understand when a hair is damaged is to cut off an inch or so of hair. A tree can grow beautifully when its branches are pruned from time to time. If the cuts are cheap, the growth will be minimized.

02 Natural oil sap

The health of our hair depends on the amount of care we give it. The massage provided at the root of the hair and the scalp makes the blood flow to the scalp better. This is why oily care is very important for hair growth. Ayurvedic oil is best for hair rejuvenation. Even coconut oil is suitable for this purpose. The oil should be heated first and then shaved. Bake for about 30 minutes

03 Add vitamins to breakfast

Breakfast is very important for a healthy life. Eating a diet rich in vitamins and calcium is essential, especially for breakfast. Natural vegetable fruits add all the nutrients we need. Hair growth is physical activity. The faster the body maintains balance, the faster it grows.

04 Do not use heated or rough accessories for hair care

Often, hair care is used to change the color and shape of the hair. These devices damage the hair. Growing up with damaged hair will automatically make you look younger. Therefore, such care should not be taken. On the other hand, too much heat does not withstand hair. You should never bathe in hot water or heat the equipment.

05 Drink alkaline water daily

Sweat and dust will slow down hair growth. This is why it is important to wash your hair. It is best to wash the head with al water. When shampooing, use a good shampoo. Conditioning also requires healthy hair.

06 Put a soft pillow on your head

Sleep also helps our hair grow. The pillow we put on our head should be a bit more gentle. Also, be aware of pillowcases. A cotton cloth is good for sweating. A pillow made of cotton swabs is best to hang on to.

07 Consider various hair care products

There are many different products on the market for hair. These should be used with great care. If possible, such artificial beauty can be avoided. These additional supplements can hamper hair growth.

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