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WHO definitions are used here because of the reliability and the responsibility.

Health in brief

World Health Organization explains an individual who accompanies a complete physical, social, and mental well being and free from diseases or infirmity is a healthy person. They explain furthermore that only the absence of the diseases is not healthy.

The health can be referred to as a state or level of functional efficiency of the human body and the nature of their mental, physical, and spiritual. A healthy life is a resource for all people and it helps to enhance human positive concepts and living conditions.

What is Health

Healthy Lifestyle

An individual should follow good manners to gain physical and mental health. Basically, keeping personal hygiene, taking nutrient diet, following a healthy lifestyle promotes personal health. The well-being improvement plan can be started at home in a simple thing like hand washing.

Complicated procedures are no need to obtain a healthy life. Following little good habits promote a person's fitness by preventing disease. A healthy, nutrient diet improves immunity. Exercise increase strengthens the body and burns bad lipids. Drinking water is another more beneficial habit for a healthy life. Even though these are simple things in personal life, help to increase health.

Healthy habits are helpful and bad habits destruct wellbeing. Smoking, alcohol kills people slowly. Poor sleep and stress also harmful as well as drugs. Fast foods harm lives much we don't think. So healthful lifestyle is most important if someone wants to live healthier. Some of these good manners differ from each individual according to their sex, age, or culture.

Men's health and wellness

When it comes to men's wellness, men pay their attention to their health less than women. In most time they backward to accept quality manners. As we said above, smoking, taking alcohol, poor self-care, avoiding checkups and medical advice are other bad habits of men. Most men believe it their immunity and whole health conditions are improved by weeds. Actually, weeds are good healthy plant but it is different than you believe (We hope to improve your knowledge about weeds also in the near future).

Smoke gives you darker lungs

Smoking affects your lungs badly and the effect starts as coughs, colds, wheezing, and asthma. Then after it may convert to fatal illnesses like pneumonia, asthma and lung cancers. Indirect and direct other problems such as the decreased desire for sex, erection problems in men, and partners' preference problems due to bad smell are the other side effects of smoking. According to the World Health Organization says, tobacco kills more than 8 million people in one year, both smokers and second-hand smokers included in these people.

Being intoxicated melt your body

Not only smokers but people who use alcohol also face with bad health conditions. Alcohol leads short term and long term diseases. If someone says I have no disease though I use alcohol I would like to say the effects of alcohol vary from person to person. Alcohol addiction and alcoholism are among the major medical problems afflicting both men and women. But men are a high prevalence of alcoholism. All social, economical status, physical and mental well-being, interpersonal relationships break down owing to alcohol abuse. But men can increase their robustness by following healthy habits.

Exercise burns your additional products

With the busyness of life, human activity has diminished. One of the main causes of some common disease conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, type II diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, is the low activity of people; especially in the West. Feeling anxiety, depression, and certain cancers also may befall due to inactivity. Active people are actually healthier more than lazy characters. Full-body work out for men helps them to keep their health properly. So registering in a gym near you is a good investment for your future.

Men's Health
Men's Health
Men's Health

Should men eat differently?

Like all machines and devices, people need the energy to carry on their lives. Bions get the energy they need from their meal. Nutritious food gives the energy they need and improves health. The nutrient needs of a person vary with the age, activity level and sex of an individual. Some meals act as good medicines for various diseases. Generally, men work hard and they need more power. It is between 2,200 and 2800 calories per day. Therefore, it is very important to have a good nutritive healthy diet.

Are there special healthy foods for men?

Though everyone should eat a nutrient diet as a human being, there are few differences between the healthy diets for men and nutritional foods for women. Healthy sustenance is a meal that includes more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy products.

Consider these nourishments for example. For energy and illness prevention, men should eat whole grains such as cereal, brown rice, oats, barley, beans, fruits, and vegetables. These meals are rich in fiber and help to manage hunger. Those inhibit particular cancers, such as prostate and colon cancers(these diseases are common in males than women). Red Meat which high in amino acids are responsible for building and maintaining muscle mass. But in some men's abnormal genes cause deposits the additional iron content in vital organs. Gout which mostly affects men more than women is prevented by Cherries. There is a type of pigment called anthocyanins in cherries have anti-inflammatory action also. Certain nutriment foods like meat, oysters, salmon, nuts, and seeds boost your sexual activities.

Shellfish, Legumes, Seeds, Nuts, Dairy, and Eggs are rich in Zinc. Zinc-rich foods are required to produce sperm. Zinc-deficient leads your chances of an inflamed or enlarged prostate. It increases your risk of developing prostate cancer as well.

Women's Health - healthy tips for women

healthy woman

Women's health is a very broad topic that can be talked about separately. From birth to puberty, marriage, childbirth, menopause transition/ perimenopause, and aging, there is a wide range of psychological and anatomical alterations touching them. All these biological functions are complex and some of them decided by their own genes that come from their parents most times. For example, a woman's menopause often occurs at the same age as their mother's menopause.

Common female ailments

Various types of women's diseases, nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, breast and reproductive system conditions are unique elements in women's health. Generally, breast cancers, ovarian/ cervical cancers, pregnancy complications and uterine problems are typical diseases in the female. Moreover, depression and anxiety are common mental diseases in women. They experience heart attack deaths more than men.

Women undergo hormonal changes for many reasons throughout their lives. During gestation, delivery and menopause, a woman undergoes extensive hormone differences and even once a month during menstruation. Sometimes these changes can lead to their mental illness or other disorders. postpartum depression is an example.

Are there serious illnesses for women?

Diseases are common to all people but their effects or signs and symptoms can sometimes fluctuate by gender. Treatments or health care that are required for certain diseases also may vary depending on the sex of the patient. Certain diseases can be more serious or common in women. These are some example situations.

Osteoarthritis affects women than men and causes physical disorders. Stroke affects both genders and risk factors also the same for them. But the female is more vulnerable to possible factors that may include heredity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. Additionally, pregnancy, kind of contraceptives, migraine, obesity are unique factors that affect mostly in stroke. Hormonal therapies used to relieve menopausal symptoms also are risky.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women globally. This is increasing rapidly in developed countries, and the worst is spreading to other organs. One of the main reasons for these diseases is drug abuse. Millions of women around the world have become addicted to alcohol and their health has been risked by drug abuse. Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) can be severest among female and it can lead infertility. They experience urinary tract infections also frequently.

Healthy eating


Choosing a healthy diet helps to prevent or manage many health problems. If your wife or mom take healthful food, it means, all of your family are taking a balanced diet. Why do women need to take a nutritional meal? They pass many stages of their lives. That all stages make their physical changes and the energy required to do so is different from normal life. Nutrition requirements in particular situations like puberty, pregnancy, and lactation, differ from other time periods. According to the menstrual circle, there are various nutrient needs in each phase. In helabeauty our health web site will explain Nutritions for your menstrual cycle. There are certain minerals and vitamin needs more extra during pregnancy and monthly periods.

Generally, the need for daily calory intake for women is low due to less activity and lack of heavy works. And also they have less muscle mass and a small body. Adult female wants between 1,600 and 2,400 calories per day. But when different their activity level, age, height, weight, and health condition, calory need may increase than the normal amount. Females are more likely to have nutrient-related diseases such as celiac disease/ gluten-sensitive enteropathy, lactose intolerance, and vitamin/ mineral deficiencies like iron-deficiency anemia. So healthy eating patterns for women are more important. Especially, calcium, iron, and folic acid are particularly important nutrients for women.

Pediatric and Geriatric health

As a person's age, their physical and mental conditions change. These special branches of health are very important. pediatric health means to children related health and geriatric health refer to elder care. The health of today's growing population must be improved to ensure that a country's future is healthy. Also, if people's life expectancy is high, it means the country is in good health. Therefore, it is important to provide better health care to kids and elderly persons in order to be a good country.

Healthy children


The reason why a child differs from adults is not their small body. A child is not a small adult and they are physiologically and psychologically different from an adult. Therefore, the Children's National Hospitals has been set up by governments in many countries. The effects of various diseases and absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of the medications are different in children. Doctors should take care of those things and that's why they need special physicians (pediatrician) to children. Pediatricians have specialized to treat diseases of kids.

Respiratory tract infections, ear infection, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), conjunctivitis (pink eye), gastroenteritis are the most common diseases in children. Threadworm and pinworm infections also often. Apart from these common conditions, chronic illnesses like asthma, diabetes, auditory or visual impairments and childhood disabilities usually cause even more emotional distress to both children and parents than temporary problems.

Healthy habits for kids

Children's behavioral health habits more essential to keep them healthier. Having a healthy life from an early age can help them overcome many ailments. Taking nutrient foods, drinking water, hand washing, bathing, physical activities are good habits that children can teach. In addition, from an early age, working with a team, positive thinking, finding new things, and loving the environment will produce a mentally healthy, great person.

Mental illness in children

Kids can develop similar psychiatric illnesses as adults, but symptoms may be different. Childhood mental illness is disruption or delays to regulate age-appropriate thinking, behavior, social skills, or emotions. It disrupts their ability to function well at home, in school, or in other social situations. By early detection of pediatric mental illness can be treated. Most time parents may fail to identify the condition. Because of that, many kids who could benefit from treatment don't get treatments they need. Anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity (ADHD), autism, depression, and other mood disorders, eating problems, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are common mental diseases in children.

Birth defects

A congenital disorder is a condition present at birth, may result in inabilities that may be physical, mental, or developmental. Cleft lip/ cleft palate, heart problems, abnormal body parts (clubfoot), spina bifida, brain, or spinal cord development problems are examples. There are many causes for this such as genetic problems, birth defects, injuries, or infections during pregnancy. Exposure to chemicals or radiation, alcoholism, smoking, folate deficiency, mother over the age of 35 years old is the risk factors for these conditions. According to the severity of the defect, treatments, or care vary. Therapies, surgeries, and medications can be included in treatments.

Nutritional needs of kids

The number of nutrients, kinds of food, and its nature should vary according to the age of a child. Breastfeeding an infant is sufficient. After 6 months starts a small diet. A kid needs vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat like an adult. The nutritional requirement is common for both of them. But the amount of nutriment is varied for different ages of kids. Children always developing. Carbohydrates and fats for energy, proteins for cell growth, calcium for bone maturity, iron for build healthy blood, folate for healthy growth and development of cells - these are some important things to build a child.


65 years is used in most countries to describe an elderly person, but in some countries, it does not match with life expectancy. However, WHO has defined people over 60 as adults. The wellbeing of older adults differs from a normal person. The physical health of adults and the mental health of adults is changing with age. With these changes, relationships, social activities of elders, and behaviors also vary. Many times they feel isolated from society. All these things directly affect their physical and mental health.

Common health conditions of elders

Aging is an inevitable condition that affects all lives on earth. With age, increases a person's value by improving the person's knowledge and life experience. But the thing is aging leads to dropping health and raise mortality. Adult people are a higher risk of chronic diseases. Risks of heart diseases, cancers, Alzheimer disease, stroke, Diabetes mellitus, Parkinson's disease, neurodegenerative disorders are increases.

Healthy habits for adults

Someone wants to stay young even though they are old. It is a positive thought. But we really have to face it. In many cases, an older person's activities may be limited by their physical changes. If not, it is best to follow safe procedures. I believe it is best for them to adapt to suitable eating patterns and activities. Then, their good health habits can make a difference of the present condition even they did not have healthy habits in their young age. For that, anyone can follow healthy manners such as regular exercise, taking nutrient meals, adequate sleep, water intake. Regular follow up care, accompany with disease preventive methods, enjoy life are other good practices.

Mental health

Mental health is a state of well being in which an individual identifying his or her abilities, work under normal stress of life and contribute effectively to his society. A person's emotional, psychological, and social well being are the elements of mental health. It affects all people without age difference and related how to an individual thinks, feels, and works. So if someone has a psychiatric problem, he may experience abnormal thinking, behavior patterns as well as different choices. Biological factors (chemical changes in the brain), life experiences (abuse or injury), heredity are the main risk factors of it.

Some ailments are treatable and others are not. In situations that can not cure, can manage symptoms. There are effective strategies and treatments to alleviate suffering and preventing mental disorders. Social services and field programs are also available to treat patients in society. So kinds of help are available for these patients from institutional or field. In most countries, there is a national mental hospital with social health programs.

Multiple evidences show that there are 792 million people lived with a psychiatric disease globally (for 2017). It is about one in ten population. These diseases are more complex than other medical conditions. There are two main classifications of mental health.

  • The 5th chapter of 10th International Classifications of Disease (ICD-10) of the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Diagnostic
  • Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) of the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

Psychiatric diseases are characterized by the combination of abnormal emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors. Relationships of these factors also not conducted properly. The most common mental condition around the world is Depression. Apart from that, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder (BAD), dementia, anxiety, personality problems, substance abuse, eating or development diseases, autism, and traumatic related disorders available.

Warning signs of mental diseases


Delay identification of a mental illness delays the treatments and worse the condition. Early detection leads to good treatment or cure diseases. In most times relations cant find symptoms of mental disease because of a lack of knowledge and experience. If not, you may not sure are you or your relation lives with mental disease. This psychological disease symptoms list will help you to identify a psychiatric patient. A one of these mental disease symptom or combination can see in a person. Hypersomnia or insomnia, increase or decrease food intake, fatigue, hyperactivity, poor concentration, social isolation are a few characteristics of psychiatric disease. Poor or excessive hygiene, excessive sad or happy, unexplained feelings or thoughts, abnormal behavior patterns and any type of difference in their life may be an early sign of a psychological problem. Symptoms of each mental disease have included in each article in helabeauty our website.

How to keep good mental health

Mental health affects the physical and social well being. So keeping a healthy mind is better for a healthy and happy life. That kind of mind leads to great relationships. It shows how you feel others and how others understand you. Not only that it helps to deal with stresses and difficulties in life. When you are healthy psychologically you can manage life properly. It helps to maintain a good relationship with family, society, and professional life and boosts happiness and confidence in life. To boost mental condition, think positive, sleep adequate, help others, do physical activities. Not only that, understand your abilities, try to cope with others for a positive relationship. keep in happy every time, success your life. These things are ways to improve psychiatric wellbeing.

Improve immunity

Good health and well-being are necessary to avoid disease. There is a process in our body to protect us from certain diseases. We have a system specially designed for this purpose. It is called the immunity system. The immune system fight against infections, diseases, unwanted biological invasions. But sometimes it may fail and you can be invaded by a germ. COVID-19 (coronavirus) is the kind of success virus that has spread globally.

If you have a stronger immune system can fight with germs and improve your health. You can follow healthy habits to boost immunity. It is the main and simple way to keep the immune system strong and healthy.

Normally, when a person becomes old their immunity decreases. It is a cause for cancers, infections or other diseases in the elderly population. Coronavirus caused the death of many old age people around the world owing to their poor immunity. But the cause for decreased immunity with age is unclear.


Health is one of the most talked-about concerns in the world today. The cause is COVID-19, which affects the entire globe. Many people are beginning to take care of their health today. Personal hygiene has become the top among basic. It can sub-categorize as women's, men's, children's, and elder's health. And also mental health, physical health or there are more other different subtitles of it. The most important thing is to adopt health care practices. It helps to improve immunity. A strong immune system has the ability to protect people from many diseases. Obtaining all these things is not a serious matter, but a daily routine and healthful practices guide a healthy life. So follow all these good habits and achieve a healthy life.

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