Hair Bonding, Hair Extensions … What is this?

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Previously, we did not just talk about repetitive behavior, but also Reindein Bondin, Stratin and one of them. Hey, he wants to know about Hey, Bundin, or Hey Hayastones / Hai Viveing. The appearance of a hairless male and female is very influential in our appearance. As a result, when you are hairless, you come to the bottom of this hedgehog patch to help you worry about your appearance. Use this hedge trimmer to show the size of your hair on your head.

1. What is Hair Bonding?

Heat bowling is a natural, synthetic, or synthetic hair that is similar to your hair, using your hair using a gum. This is a temporary ha ha longevity. For some time only this hea can be used. This technique is used to increase the appearance of the hair, and it is more popular with haws .

Hair Healing is a useful way to prevent damage to the head hair.You can use chemicals to protect your hair from your hair as you like.

2. Soft Bonding and Hard Bonding

There are two ways of having a hack boxing system, and one of them is Hard Talk. The Soto Bond is more sophisticated, more comfortable and more flexible than Hardboard, which uses lutex and acrylic based adhesives. For this purpose, special softwares and softwares are available at home.

Handshakes are used to attach the hair to a hair sticker. You can not even do a home button like a buzzin at home. You need to get the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon. If it is easy to handle SoftBoard, it’s easier to handle hard-core bold.

3. Things to be aware of after a heuindin

Do not hesitate to bruise hair after a hair bowl. It’s important to blush well every day to handle it more smoothly.

Wash only the hair twice a week. Do not use hot water. Use a non-silicone and sulphate-free shampoo to clean the hair. Do not wash your entire hair with your hair and do not wash your hair. Slide the fingers systematically from the skull to the bottom.

It’s normal to feel somewhat uncomfortable for a day after four days. And two-thirds of these extensions are also a normal situation.

Do not do hair styling, curling, or bluray drying frequently. Do this every week or even twice a week.

Go to sleep while going to bed while you’re sleeping. Do not worry about getting your hair back.

If you’re going swimming. Wrinkle the hair with a bare head, do not crochet, and swim with a cap. Wash the hair immediately after you bathe.

4. What to remember

Take the look of a qualified beautician to help you get rid of the baddo. Because hedgehogs are suitable for removing hedgehounds, they can damage the natural hairs by removing the hedge hood itself.

Even though hair does not temporarily increase the length and length of hair, it is important that at least six weeks after each bowel hair is given a hair rest. Frequently, you can use your head and neck to get rid of your hair, while doing some exercise or doing other things.

Also, if you are having a hairdresser after discussing hair care, discuss with your beautician. Sometimes the chemicals that are used in one or more chemicals may lose power.

5.What are other Heyress Exceptions to Bindings.

Tape and Extensions – Extrastable for four to eight weeks from this method. To bathe and pamper very carefully. A special tape is made to tie the hair to the skull.

Clip-in or Clip-on Hair Extensions – Clips is a means of retaining the hair at the same time. This should be lifted throughout the day, but it should be removed before bedtime. This is a convenience to a person who wants to make a haute style a little like a party.

Fusion Extensions – a hair stylist is used with a mask such as glouispane. If you want to keep it running, you should update this one for three or four months. But if you think it’s possible to continue to maintain, the chemicals used in chemicals used in chemicals may need to be concerned about the possible damage to the skull.

Weave and Track Extensions – A simple method that adds Ekstrans to natural hair. Most of the time, this method is used to show the longevity of the hair. The only disadvantage in maintaining this system is that it can last for two to three months, increasing the chances of tying the hair.

Hidden Crown Extensions – an example method that connects to the top of the hips with transparent threads. This method is suitable for those with very weak hair, so it does not use any kind of attachment or chemilk. Easy to install and remove, this can be used temporarily every day. You can usually manage this excerce, other than what you can sleep for.

6. Prices

The use of synthetic hair, natural hair and the length, hair size and the method used varies from price to value. In addition, durability also changes in prices. It is more expensive, and the synthetic hair is relatively cheap, if it is not unprofitable, with no natural chemistry.