Gray hair reddish lemon and coconut mixture

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Hair Scratching is the first symptom of a woman’s age. For a woman, this is something like a nightmare. The simplest way to do hair is to dye the hair on the hair. There are many dye products, but this depends on only a few days. And there are many other things that happen in these areas.

Melanin, low nutrition, low eating habits, pollution, smoking, hormonal fluctuation, acupuncture, hair loss, thyroid problems, and hair conspiracies. Healthy foods are consumed, while the combinations of the chemically-colored hair are only used by two simple ingredients without using different chemicals.

Lemon and coconut oil mixture

Materials required:

Three fresh Lemon juice teaspoons Natural oil Mix the ingredients and mix them instantly with the hair and hair and leave for an hour. After that, use a gentle shampoo and wash well the hair. Perform this service once a week.

How does this mixture work?

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and lauric acid. As a result, the coconut oil that has a direct effect on the growth of the hair is strengthening, strengthening and repairing. The combination of lemon phosphorous, vitamin C and vitamin V helps to combine the combinations of gray with natural combinations of natural ingredients.