Let coconut trees and eggs be used to feed the hair

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Most of the problems that arise in the hair are two effective ingredients for eggs and coconut oil. Eggs and coconut oil alone are individually suited for a lot of health benefits, and when we combine these raw materials with other key raw materials together, we present to you the health benefits for the hair.

The first coating – coconut oil, eggs and honey

The recipe:

Bring a jar and add two tablespoons of pure oil.
Take another jar and then dig into an egg and mix well.
Now place a honey table spoon in this bottle.
The next step is to mix the ingredients together and apply the coating on the hair.
After applying the coating, apply a well-coated cream over the head so that it coats on the head root.
Stay for about 45 minutes and wash off the hair with a gentle shampoo.

The health benefits for the hair with this coating This coating is very helpful for the bleak hair. The proteins and other nutrients needed for the growth of the hair are included in the eggs, which strengthen the muscles of the hair and increase the size of the hair. Polymers and honey protect the hair’s viscosity and maintain the smoothness of the hair.

The second ointment – coating eggs, polythelium and ketchambah oil The recipe:

Put a jar and add two tablespoons of coconut oil. Take another bowl to tear down an egg and put it well. Add 5 tablespoons of Kottambra oil. s Then mix all the ingredients well and apply the coating. As with the above coating, wash your hair with shampoo and shampoo for 45 minutes with a lot of hair on the hair.

Oil and coconut oil mix together, while combining the oil together to prevent damage to the hair and to make the hair shiny and creamy. Apply this greasing to two o’clock in the week and use this care. Then your hair will grow and your strong and strong hair will grow.