Let’s clear the black head using tomatoes

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Chin, and cheekbones and foreheads, which are most likely to cause the black head to become very ugly. Today, we are going to present you how to easily remove some of the natural methods by using black tomatoes, which are quite difficult to remove. Tomatoes Brush the fresh and red-colored tomatoes and cut into small pieces. Put the juice of these tomatoes put into a grinder. Wash the face thoroughly and place the coating on the black head head on the face.

Black Heads, which cause puffiness in the skin, help to remove dry skin from the tomato juice. The nutritional content of tomatoes removes the dust from the skin and gives the skin adequate nutrition. This helps you to make good results four times a week during the week. Tomatoes and lemon juice

Put a tomato boil in a boiling water tank for a minute. Then use your fingers to remove the bark from the tomato bore. Put the next step into a glass jar, make a tomato cake with a small crushed coating. Then add a teaspoon of lemon juice to this. Cover and massage on places with black heads. Purify and wash the faces off for a brief period of time.

Tomato’s antiseptic moisture removes bacteria from the bacteria and cleans the pores of the skin and cleans the black head using antioxidant strength and acidity, with tomatoes. Apply this coating twice a week to achieve successful results.

Tomato and baking soda Take tomatoes, boil and cut into pills. Add two tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl and add the sliced ​​tomato slices to the batter soda to the tomato slices. Sweep the tomatoes on the places of black head and put them thirty minutes. Then wash the faces and then wash them. Tomato citric acids, vitamins C and vitamin A, cleans the pores of the skin and eliminate dead skin cells, and add baking soda.