Want to get long, curly eyebrows?

Blog Home August 08 2019 Beauty, Health

If a girl has a long, upward, curved eyebrow, like a doll, what girl would not like that? But there are very few girls who have such eyebrows. But we can make their eyebrows beautiful by properly treating them. Below are some of the easiest treats you can do for your eyebrows.

Night oil on eyebrows.

Unrefined oil, marula and castor oil should be used for this purpose. Both of these oils provide the nourishment needed for the eyebrows, while the castor oil helps the eyebrow extension. You should apply a little brush with a clean fingertip or a soft brush.

Apply a growth serum on the eyebrows.

This nourishes your dry and quick-witted eyebrows. It also helps in the development of eyebrows.

Taking biotin

Biotin is a type of vitamin B. A vitamin that helps hair and nails grow and strengthen as well as healthy skin. It is best to use medical advice.

Scrub the top of the eyebrows before applying mascara.

If you use mascara and turn your eyebrows up, the risk of eyebrows is high. Therefore, before applying mascara you should use a brush for eyebrows and then apply mascara. You should also remove the coated mascara at night. Even when mascara is not coated, it is best to apply eyebrows.

Heat an eyelash curler with a blow-dryer.

This makes it easier for the eyebrows to curl up and keep their shape longer. After applying a blow-dryer, you should check the heat of the eyebrow rotator.

When rotating the eyebrows, rotate the eyebrows by changing the direction of the rotation.

When using a fork, you should tighten it on the tip of your eyebrow for a few seconds and then leave. It increases the circularity of the eyebrows.