Natural Health Supplements for You

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A supplement is a kind of product which you might use to add nutrients to your diet for a healthy-life. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, enzymes and amino acids like dietary ingredients can be taken as pills, capsule, tablet, or liquid. These are provided additional nutrients except for the diet. These natural products are available in Pharmacy, supermarkets and to order from the internet also. A doctor’s prescription is not needed to take dietary supplements. Actually there is no need to take physicians or dietitians advice before taking supplements, you had better taking advice if you are not sure about the safety of an ingredient. Also, have knowledge regarding the type of dietary supplements is better.

What is a Natural Dietary supplement

Natural dietary supplements are manufactured from plants, animals, algae and fungi. Due to their actual efficacy, safety and compatibility of quality, people like to buy and these products have a long history of use. These products have a long history since the time of Ayurveda. People have used lots of herbal products in traditional medicine. When producing natural products there is a manufacturer and consumer guide to describe the quality, licensing, standards, identities, and common contaminants of natural products.

Should You take a Dietary supplement

Normally all we are take our daily nutrients need from our diet. But some people miss their needs from their daily food intake and physician order to take additional nutriment from supplements. At that condition, they want to take sustenance from supplements. It gives nutrients that might be dropping from your daily diet. So if you also miss your nutriment from your foods, you should take a dietary addition.

You may a person who doing exercises or other heavy work. Then your neighbour or a friend suggests taking supplements which product they use. Some times you choose from a health magazine or website. It is easy to order also. But think your self. Are the nutrients enough to your daily need? or ingredients containing the product suitable for you?

Are Dietary supplements safe for you

These are also productions, not natural hundred presents. If you are a woman who pregnant or breastfeeding taking doctors advice is very important. In addition, you may be taking any drug for a medical condition, tell your doctor. It may not be safe that crash drugs and supplements.

Likewise medications this also may have adverse effects and allergies conditions. All products could not have good qualities and you should pick a suitable production under medical guidance.

The term “natural” is not meant safe always. The safety of products depends on several things, like its ingredients, how it works in the body, how it is prepared, and the dose used.

How to Choose the Best Supplement

The first thing is you have an awareness about the product you might take. Then meet your dietitian or doctor to take advice. Search information regarding the topic from the internet to be informed. Discuss with your specialist regarding your needs and your disease conditions. According to dietitian or doctor recommend, choose a product as you need. Don’t get dietary supplements with ingredients you don’t need.

These are the Dietary Supplements

There are types of dietary supplements for you. Any nutriment can perform as a dietary supplement. Here are examples;


These are inorganic chemical elements absorbed by animals as well as plants from water, plant or animal foods or dietary supplements. potassium, chlorine, sodium, calcium, iron, zink, phosphorus etc are the examples for minerals. These essential minerals are made as dietary additions, separately and in combination with vitamins and other minerals.


These are the organic synthesis which essential to the body but in small or limited amounts. We should take vitamins only our diets because our body can not be synthesized enough quantities. There are thirteen vitamins require humans in their diet. The decrease in vitamins intakes causes vitamin related deficiency. Most people are use vitamin supplements without medical advice.

Proteins and Amino acids

Proteins are made by amino acids. This is a macronutrient mean required in large amounts in the diet. Can not synthesis. These are worked as a source of energy and a basic building box. Recommended Dietary Allowance is a normally active person is 0.8 grams protein per kilogram body weight. It differs from people who combined with exercise, athletes and heavy works. They want a high protein diet or protein supplement.

Fatty Acids

The essential fatty acid is an important component for animals, plants and microorganisms also. Fruits, vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, animal fats, and fish oils are the sources. Essential fatty acids are important to cellular functions. Too much of any fat contributes to caloric intake and weight gain. Decrease the intake of trans fats is a better thing because of their harmful effects on cholesterol levels lead to heart disease.

Bodybuilding supplements

Commonly these supplements use people those doing bodybuilding, athletics and weightlifting. They use supplements for increasing lean body mass. Supplements make it much easier to get the essential nutrients to build muscle. This products increase muscle, body weight and improve athletic performance. Most time this comes as powders. You can get a good result when taking combined with a good diet.


This is a type of living bacteria and yeast. It helps your digestive system to function well. Though normally microorganisms are harmful to you, some microorganisms like lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are keeping your digestive system healthy. Yoghurt is a better source. Probiotics help to treat irritable bowel syndrome, Diarrhea, Inflammatory bowel diseases and also some skin diseases and prevent allergies.


Dietary supplements are important to your healthy life. There is no reason to afraid to take but be careful. For more information regarding healthy life search helabeauty. info.