Is the Phobia a normal condition?

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The image shows a person with anxiety mental disorder called phobia
A patient with a phobia

Usually, all the people are fearful of somethings or some situations though they are spending a healthy life physically. Are all those conditions mental disorders, phobia or not? Let us see what is the phobia and fear? Fear is a natural sensation that protects people from injury when they face real and immediate danger. The phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that an individual excessive feer to situations, place or things. Though can prevent from functioning normally, some times lead to panic attacks. Someone may have several phobias at once. Due to unable to refuse the objects or situations, patients face significant distress. There are three types of phobia such as specific, social and agoraphobia.

There are several and special treatments like exposure therapy used to this. Some special conditions like, social phobia and agoraphobia want medications. Women more porn to affected the disease about twice as often as men.

Causes of Phobia

Mainly genetic and environmental disorders affect phobia. Normally occur in childhood or teenagers. The stressful experience, a scary event, or a parent or household member with a phobia or anxiety disorder may be a reason for the phobia in children.

People who addicted to the substance, having a history of depression and after traumatic brain injuries develop the phobia. Sometimes schizophrenia-like disease conditions show phobia as a symptom.


Usually uncontrollable fear is the main symptom. But the also following symptoms can be seen as symptoms of fear.

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Shortness of breathing
  • Dry mouth
  • Inability to control feelings
  • Trembling
  • Choking sensation
  • Chest pain
  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Headache
  • Dizziness


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

This is a type of counselling and helps to change thinking and behavioural patterns. Desensitisation or exposure therapy are decreased anxious. It is a challenge to the patient. In this treatment professionals start to talk phobia related topic, then they show the picture and allow to take experience. When exposed to the fear, your phobia controlled over. Generally this method often successful.


This treatment used to expose the underlying cause of the phobia. The inhibits traumatic memories from the conscious mind and then can be retrieved


Antidepressant medications such as SSRIs and MAOIs normally use to treat the phobia. Benzodiazepine is prescribed as sedatives in acute and severe conditions. Beta-blockers gives before social activities to inhibit the stimulating effects of adrenaline.

Examples for phobias

  • Achluophobia – Fear of darkness
  • Aerophobia –  flying
  • Algophobia –  pain
  • Agoraphobia –  open spaces or crowds
  • Amaxophobia –  riding in a car
  • Androphobia –  men
  • Anginophobia –  angina or choking
  • Anthropophobia –  flowers
  • Batrachophobia –  amphibians
  • Belonephobia –  pins and needles
  • Bibliophobia –  books
  • Botanophobia –  plants
  • Cacophobia –  ugliness
  • Catagelophobia –  being ridiculed
  • Catoptrophobia –  mirrors
  • Chionophobia – snow
  • Chromophobia –  colours
  • Chronomentrophobia –  clocks
  • Dendrophobia –  trees
  • Dentophobia –  dentists
  • Domatophobia –  houses
  • Dystychiphobia –  accidents
  • Ecophobia –  the home
  • Elurophobia –  cats
  • Entomophobia –  insects
  • Ephebiphobia –  teenagers
  • Equinophobia –  horses
  • Gamophobia –  marriage
  • Genuphobia –  knees
  • Glossophobia –  speaking in public
  • Germanophobia –  germs
  • Heliophobia –  the sun
  • Herpetophobia –  reptiles
  • Hydrophobia –  water
  • Hypochondria – illness
  • Iatrophobia –  doctors
  • Insectophobia –  insects
  • Koinoniphobia –  rooms
  • Leukophobia –  colour white
  • Lilapsophobia –  tornadoes and hurricanes
  • Mageirocophobia –  cooking
  • Megalophobia –  large things
  • Melanophobia –  colour black
  • Microphobia –  small things
  • Necrophobia –  death or dead things
  • Noctiphobia –  the night
  • Nosocomephobia –  hospitals
  • Obesophobia –  gaining weight
  • Octophobia –  figure 8
  • Ombrophobia –  rain
  • Pedophobia –  feet
  • Porphyrophobia –  the colour purple
  • Pteridophobia –  ferns
  • Pteromerhanophobia –  flying
  • Pyrophobia –  fire
  • Selenophobia –  the moon
  • Sociophobia –  social evaluation
  • Somniphobia – sleep
  • Arachnophobia –  speed
  • Technophobia –  technology
  • Tonitrophobia –  thunder
  • Venustraphobia –  beautiful women
  • Wiccaphobia –  witches and witchcraft
  • Xenophobia – strangers or foreigners
  • Zoophobia –  animals


Fear and phobia are not the same. Phobia is an anxiety-related mental disease. It is preventable. Psychotherapy is the most suitable treatment method. So there is no need to afraid to phobia. For more information regarding mental health or other health topics, follow website.