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health insurance pays for possible health problems

The nature of life is birth, aged, sick and death. We can’t change the nature of the world. We have to accept them though they affect us good or bad. All we are at a risk for sick. So we have to face it as well as we have to ready it.

The medical cost of most countries in the world is high in the present and it is increasing continuously with the time passing. There are no free health facilities in those countries and some countries no even basic facilities. However, people have to spend their money on good health facilities. But paying a high cost at once is difficult for the people who take a small salary.

If you have health insurance, there is nothing to worry regarding the high expenses for treatments. Another thing is it is an investment for your life. There are different types of health insurance also that you can choose. Today you pay to insurance company less amount of money as premium, then the insurance company repay it after you ill. Apart from this, there are lots of benefits of health insurance.

Definition of health insurance

As claimed by the Health Insurance Association of America, It describes as “coverage that provides for the payments of benefits as a result of sickness or injury. It includes insurance for losses from accident, medical expense, disability, or accidental death and dismemberment”

Why health insurance important and what are the benefits?

Expenses coverages

If you have health insurance you are free from the higher health expenses. The main target of insurance is also it. Because they cover all expenses, you can get the best treatments for the illness. The cost of medicines, treatments, hospital and ambulance, therapies costs are paid from this. This reduces your stress and can pay attention to the treatments.

Critical illnesses coverage

If you have a critical medical or surgical condition, the insurance company cover those expenses also. Most Insurance companies provide critical disease insurance. That insurance covers critical disease like stroke, limb separation, chronic kidney diseases, bone marrow transplantation. After diagnosing the disease full payment is pay according to the policy. In this, daily cost, treatment and other expenses are paid.

Cashless claim benefit

In the cashless claim facility, there is no need to pay out-of-pocket payments. This facility is provided by most companies. But the thing is this facility provides from the network companies and the hospitals. Most insurance companies and hospitals are work together. According to the health policy, If you take treatments from the network hospitals you are eligible for free treatments. The payment settle between the hospital and the insurance company. To enter this you have to fill the pre-authorization form. To get the cashless facility, display the health insurance card to the hospital.

Tax benefits

According to the policy, you may free from the taxes. This differs in each situation.


There are so many facilities and offers provided by the insurance companies and people can choose them according to their needs. These facilities are very flexible to the customer’s and they can select the most suitable type for them.


Not only the traditional treatments but also the alternative treatments and therapies like Ayurveda are covers from this under some conditions. So there is a number of customers can select different way treatments according to their preference.

Medical tests coverage

The diagnostic tests are important and they are very expensive. So the cost of the medical tests is covered by the assurance. There is no need to pay test cost insured own money. All the costs are covered by the insurance company.

How to Select the Right Health Insurance Policy for you?

There is big competition among those assurance companies. So they explain different benefits for you in their assurance policy. But all health insurance companies provide the same facilities or benefits to the customers. All of the health insurance policy is same in different companies. Though it is, you had better consider these things before choosing an insurance company.


The premium is the amount you should pay per month or annually. Normally this pays per month but can pay annually also. You should pay this, though you use the service or not. If not, your coverage may be cancelled. Though you should choose the insurance, suitable for your income, the cheapest method is not the best method. The cheapest method can be included the less network or the higher deductions. So this is only one criterion for choosing insurance.

Provider Network

In here you should consider, are your hospital or laboratories included in the network. The health institutes and the insurance companies work together and have made a network. So if you enter a hospital included to the network, you are released from the expenses. Some times if you go out of network hospital or health institutes, you are not covered by the insurance or should pay out-of-pocket money also. So be aware of the network.


The deductible is the amount, you pay before start the coverage. Until this payment full fill, the insurance also not pay your expenses. The charges of doctors, medicines and the treatments are included to this. This covers the preventive treatments without cost-sharing before you arrive at your deductible. The high deductions, lesses the premium and less deduction higher the premium.

Other costs

For access care, you should pay other payments. You are bound for other out-of-pocket costs, though you complete the deductible. Some times you may pay a percentage of any cost like medication bill.


There is a medicine list that takes responsibility to cover the cost by the insurance, according to the insurance policy. Apart from the list, they may not pay for other medications. But you have to face a long process to get coverage for those medications. They decide the amount that you should pay or the type of payment. So consider regarding your medications, are those included in the list or not.

What are the required documents for buying a Health Assurance Policy?

  • There are a few basic documents that you need to provide to register.
  • One of these things for proof of your age and identity, Birth Certificate, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID.
  • Give one of these things for proof your permanent address, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Ration Card, Driving License, Passport
  • Some times medical certificates also need generally for people above the age of 45 years.
  • Passport Size Photo

Are there types of health assurance?

Individual plan; According to the person’s age decides the premium. Insurance company pay for health expenses and hospitalization expenses of only an individual who has taken policy.

Family assurance Plan; The insurance company allows an individual to include all the family members against various medical conditions under a single cover. Though this plan offers a fixed sum assured for the whole of family members and can be availed by any individual in the family.

Senior Citizen assurance Plan; Insurance company provides the service to elders more than 60 years old in society.

Surgery and Critical Illness Insurance Plan; This is important for people who have severe medical cases like chronic kidney disease, heart problems, paralysis, cancer. Normally, the premium is high in this.

Maternity Health Insurance Plan; This is for pre and postnatal care, child delivery expenses of newborn babies. Whole conditions of the newborn, covered up to a certain period of time by this.

Personal Accident Plan; The insurance company covers accidental hospitalization costs.

Unit Linked Health Plan; Covered expenditures which are not covered by the insurance policy. This offers a combination of insurance and savings both at the same time.


Health insurance is important for all people. The benefits may change from each health insurance company or countries. These are the common things of assurance. Before you choose a type of insurance or an insurance company careful regarding their policy. Health insurance is may more effective for your future.

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