Importance of Women’s and Mens Health

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The health is emotional, physical and social well being of a person. Not only the absence of disease is not health. And a healthy person has to ability to protect from the disease and cure. Though health is a common thing for all, there are different effects for women, men and children. Some features are unique for each other.

Importance of healthy life;

  • Controle the weight
  • Increase happiness
  • prevents diseases
  • Improves energy
  • Increasing longevity
  • Delay the ageing
  • Improves mental health
  • Increase the self-confident and self-esteem

Women’s Health

Women’s health is a branch of medicine. In this, includes the women’s well-being, physical and mental disease condition and reproduction. This is a very large topic. There are various topics included in this

There are different conditions unique to women. As an example, uterus problems occur only for women. Though these problems affect all people, some of them can affect different way for women. Women are more prone to, occur heart attack, some mental disease like anxiety disorder, bone disease like osteoporosis, urinary tract diseases, STDs, more than men.

When it comes to women’s health, it contains a large range of specialist areas. These are the commonest things that we should talk when we consider women’s health.

Women health problems

  • Menopause and related diseases
  • Brest diseases
  • Pregnancy and delivery
  • Contraceptive methods
  • Sexual disease
  • Certain cancers related to the women (breast, ovarian)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • And any other diseases related to women

Identify women’s diseases is important before it becomes life-threatening. Early detection of some disease like breast cancers help to prevent, spread, cure or revert the disease.

All women are not the same. They have grown under different cultures, believes or religious. Some women are not forward to tell their disease also due to shy. This can see in Asian countries more. So they come for treatments in the last stage of the diseases. In breast cancer, urinogenital track problems can be seen this.

So, it is very important to promote women to consider and take treatments for women’s health. There are so many facilities and tests are available to identify the women diseases.

  • Mammography test for breast cancers
  • Gynaecological and pelvic checkups
  • Hormone tests
  • Bone density test
  • Pap smear and HPV test
  • Risks for NCDs
  • STD screening

Mainly these conditions can be divided into reproductive or sexual and non-reproductive health.

Reproductive or sexual health

Most illnesses in women occur due to reproductive or sexual problems. The poor knowledge and cultural problems are the cause of sexual disease in some countries. Due to lack of knowledge lead to them to do bad things and they no fear those things. And some times due to the cultural problems, women can’t escape from those things. So, increases sexual disease or some reproductive disorders. Female genital cutting is an example of it. This procedure does if a girl like or not. These are the reproductive and sexual factors affect women’s health;

Maternal problems

Though pregnancy is not a disease, there are many risks to women’s health. In the developed countries also can be seen the maternal deaths during the baby deliveries. Most of the maternal death occurs due to the early pregnancies. Early pregnancies occur in some societies and they are accepted by some religious. So this is a global problem. There are so many differences occur in the woman when she pregnant. Hormone changes, physical changes, social and psychological changes also. Maternity conditions affect women’s health.

Complications of pregnancy

There are so many complications related to pregnancy. These complications may be mothers or fetus complications. But both of these complications affect women’s health. As an example, ectopic pregnancies can lead to maternal death also. Gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, preterm delivery, complicated fetus are a few examples of complications occur in pregnancy. These complications affect women’s health in physically or mentally.

Obstetrical fistula

This is a condition that occurs a hole between the vagina and the bladder or rectum due to the prolonged obstructed labour. Urine, faeces or both incontinence is the result. An abnormal fistulous tract stretching between the bladder and the vagina called a vesicovaginal fistula and stretching between the portion of the large intestine or rectum and the vagina is rectovaginal fistulae. This is a tragic condition occur due to mistake during the delivery. This can be recorrected by surgery. But the thing is this can prevent earlier than cure.


This is also a disease condition related to the reproductive system. In some women, there are cells that same to the endometrium line of the uterus, grow in another place (apart from the uterus). Though they situated another place, their task same to the endometrium. These cells also sensitive to the sexual hormone and react them. Bleeding during the menses occurs in these affected places also and it is very painful. With time pass, there are scars created and they may affect badly to the women’s health. When they form inside the abdomen, the organs stick together. Endometriosis is a very painful disease that affects women’s health.


There are a number of contraceptive methods. Not only women but also men undergo this. But commonly this is use females more than the men. IUD, condoms (male/female), injections, barriers, pills, sterilization and emergency pills are the examples. According to the preference and the need for each other can choose a suitable method for you. This also affects women’s health. To prevent unwanted pregnancies or risky pregnancies, Decrease abortion, prevent STDs, limit multiple pregnancies use the contraceptive method. So this affects women’s health and their social life also.

Non-reproductive health.

Non-reproductive diseases are common to both men and women. But those diseases affect women differently than men.
Cardiovascular diseases, non-communicable diseases, cancers, mental diseases, bone disease are included in the topic.

Apart from these topics, there are a number of illnesses and conditions are included in the women,s health. You can learn about those conditions in website.

Mens health

Generally, men care about their health and fitness more than women. Because they have time and opportunities for it. Though it is, the risk factors for the diseases also higher more than women due to take alcohol, miss treatments and absence of regular checkups during sicknesses, carelessness. Men also have their own unique diseases like prostate gland enlargements or cancer.

Most of these mens health problems can be prevented by a healthy life. Avoiding from bad habits (such as smoking, taking alcohol), exercises, healthy diet, regular followup or checkup, decreases the risk of illness and promote the mens health. So if someone wants a healthy life, the best thing is avoiding bad habits and keeping healthy habits. These are the best healthy habits for mens health;

  • Regular exercise
  • Regular age-appropriate health checkups
  • Taking healthily and nutrient foods
  • Relaxations activities
  • Keeping positive relationships and sexual life
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Avoiding stress
  • Avoiding bad foods and alcohol or other substances
  • Caring about appearance
  • Drinking adequate water

Common diseases affect mens health

When it comes to mens health, there are some topics that should talk, unique only for the men. Mental disease, alcohol or substance abuse genital area problems are some unique diseases the mens health. Here are the most common illnesses and problems in men.

Prostate problems

This is unique for men. Commonly with ageing, the prostate gland is enlarged(prostatic hypertrophy). Then compress the urethra and urination is decreased or stopped. This affects the bladder and it becomes weak. so it directly affects mens health.

Testosterone level

This hormone gradually decreasing with ageing. It affects muscle, bone development and brain, body functions. So this, need to be at least a certain level to maintain those functions. Some people do testosterone therapies to stop ageing though it can’t be accepted for a long time. Testosterone helps to keep mens health.

Sexual Problems

If a man healthy, his sexual life also be normal function. Because of sexual activities are part of a women’s health and mens health. For a good sexual relationship, need to erect the penis. Erection is a task of the brain, nerves, hormone and the blood vessels. But in some men, there are several reasons for erectile dysfunction. Smoking is a risk factor and prostate gland problems also can be reasons. There are treatments for this condition.

Heart disease risk factors

Men have high-risk factors that affect heart diseases. Heart diseases are a common problem affecting mens health. Smoking, family history, Hyperlipidemia, diabetes are the risk factors. Risk factors are preventable.


Mental health is a part of mens health. Suicidal ideas are not a normal thing. Some mental illnesses like depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar affective disorder affect mens health and this kind of persons may have suicidal thoughts. But there are treatments for mental illnesses.

Apart from these diseases, there are so many diseases and conditions affect mens health. These are the commonest and unique diseases.


women’s health and mens health, both of these are very important for a healthy society. In present, there are so many facilities to identify the diseases and treat them. So if you think you have any disease or risk factors, meet your doctor. Keeping healthy habits prevents health problems and increase your fitness.

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