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the image shows the coronavirus

Coronavirus is an infectious disease condition that started randomly in china and then spread to more other countries. Though it is included in the virus family that includes the SARS virus also, Chinese scientists have found it as a novel type of coronavirus that has not identified beforehand. Coronavirus identified first in 1960. But couldn’t find where they come from?. Due to their crown-like shape, they named “corona”. The existing situation came after the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in 2002 and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in 2012.

The coronavirus infects both humans and animals also. Usually, this causes upper respiratory infection though some times it occurs lower respiratory tract infections also. This spreads like normal respiratory tract infections. Sneezing, coughing, touching contaminated objects or close physical relationship with an infected person are the most common reasons for coronavirus infections as well as other respiratory tract infections.
Generally, all persons have infected by the coronavirus at least once of their lifetime.

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Latest news about coronavirus up to just now

The image shows the Chinese people who try to escape from the coronavirus infection

COVID-19 has become the main and a random health problem in the world today and all peoples’ attention has gone to china due to this disease. But now it has spread to other countries (see below).
Due to coronavirus infection, China government decided to seal the Hubei province in the last few days and restricted travelling in those areas. That decision had badly affected more than 60 million people in that area.
The whole transport methods between the capital of Hubei (Wuhan) and virus originated place are restricted. All buses, ferry subway services are closed and trains and planes are cancelled.

Conforming with the reports (up to 05.02.2020), there were 24,500 cases proved and more than 427 people were dead globally. However, there are 508 peoples have been healed from the coronavirus.
These days foreign people who are in china, trying to go back to their countries due to occurred situation and their countries trying to bring them back to their motherlands. And they have decided that they need a self-quarantine for 14 days to prevent the infection insert to those countries. But some countries restrict to come back insert to their countries and has completely closed the airports for them. Withing this situation some foreign peoples who in china have already gone back to their countries protectively with their government supports and undergone a self-quarantine program for 14 days.

When the outbreak continues to spread outside China, (WHO) World Health Organization declared that the coronavirus is a global emergency.

Affected countries

The image shows the coronavirus affected countries

Though it mainly affected Hubei province China now it has spread more areas and countries. South Korea, Japan, the US, the UK, Australia, France, Thailand, Taiwan, Macao, Malaysia, Nepal, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Germany, France, U.A.E., Canada, Philippines, Russia, Italy, Cambodia, Finland, Nepal, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka the other affected counties. The first death outside of China occurred on Feb. 2 in the Philippines. According to the news, Sri Lanka is the first country that sweeps away the coronavirus. And there are some suspected cases in some countries. According to health professionals, they believe the coronavirus will find in more areas also in the near future.

What is coronavirus?

The image shows the view of the coronavirus

According to the Nidovirales order coronavirus is a family of single-stranded, positive-strand RNA, enveloped viruses. It affects our respiratory track and generally, it causes simple respiratory infections like the common cold and some times serious respiratory infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is a large virus family that all we have infected by it at least once in our lifetime.
Normally the coronaviruses are common among the animals. Some types of viruses affect humans also. The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-Cov) are examples of coronaviruses. These viruses were affected animals in previously and then they evolve and affected humans.

How the coronavirus came?

At first, the symptoms started among the people who took seafood and animal products in the affected area. So the professionals suspect the coronavirus comes from animals to humans.
According to the new researches, they believe coronavirus comes by the snakes. They have decided this after studying more than 200 of 2019-nCoV genetic sequences. They have identified two species of cobras that may spread this disease. They are Chinese cobra (Naja atra) and many-banded krait (Bungarus multicinctus).
But some parties believe the coronavirus is a manmade virus.

How to spread?

The image shows how to spread the coronavirus

Normally coronavirus spread from the animal to human. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows, it can spread from an infected person to another. When the infected person coughing or sneezing, through the air, touching each other or personal contacts, touching an object contaminated by viral particles, and rarely fecal contamination: these are the spread methods of the coronavirus.

Is this the same as SARS or MERS?

As reported by the CDC, its severity has not been identified compared to other types. In this infection, some people may die and some people may have severe or mild symptoms. So we can’t explain or compare exactly these three diseases. But in both, MERS and SARS have severe symptoms.
These three diseases transmitted by close contacts between the infected person and others.
MERS identified in 2012 in Saudi Arabia by using infected camel’s milk and touching infected camels. SARS identified in 2002 in southern China. It spread by infected bats. When comparing these three diseases, those are spread by infected animals.

Signs and Symptoms

The image shows aperson who have symptoms tof coronavirus

In common human coronaviruses (NL63, 229E, 0C43, HKU1)infections, normally shows upper respiratory tract infection symptoms. But some times lower respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia also occur. You also have got infected by coronaviruses at least one time of your lifetime. But they are cured within a short time period. Those symptoms are maybe mild or moderate. The common symptoms are;

  • Headache
  • Runny nose
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Breathing difficulties

Have treatments for coronavirus?

Normally coronavirus infection recovers from their own immunity with the time. There is no exact treatment for this disease. Treatments involve symptoms-relief medications and rest. Steam inhalation, fluid intake, rest, are helpful to relieve symptoms.
But there is no treatment identified for new coronavirus yet. Researchers are in basic tests of the findings of the treatment. Regeneron drug companies and the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. are involved to search the drugs to the disease.
Under this condition, there are 508 peoples have been healed from the coronavirus.

How to prevent coronavirus illness?

The image shows a lady wear a mask for prevent the coronavirus

There are things that we should do or avoid for preventing the disease. Here are those;

  • Avoid contact with infected people
  • Do not go to crowded areas
  • Avoid animals
  • Prevent taking meats or other animals products
  • Proper hand wash using soap or hand wash

If you are infected from the coronavirus now;

  • Isolate from others
  • Wear a face mask
  • Use something to cover your nose and mouth when you coughing and sneezing
  • Hand washing

If you have a fever, sore throat, runny nose or any of upper respiratory tract infection these days, and you are living in the affected area or you traveled there in the last days, meet a doctor as soon as possible and tell your history to them. It will help to identify the disease.

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