Healthy skin: Tricks for healthy glowing skin naturally

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Healthy glowing skin naturally
Healthy skin gives you a glow

Healthy glowing skin is an indicator of a healthful body. We can describe smooth, spotless, undamaged, moist membrane as healthy skin. A hot, reddish, wrinkled or dry epidermis is unhealthy. The healthy skin is one index which can measure a persons beauty and wellbeing. It is the largest organ of the body and it protects the whole body from the harm of the external environment.
Many things might affect to keep healthy skin. They may be the lifestyle (drinking water, intake of the nutrient foods) or other environmental factors (sunlight, environment pollution). Type and the colour of it can come through the individual’s heredity. But nature can be changed by changing life habits and environmental factors. There are a number of cosmetic products for different complications and both men and women have motivated to use them. But it is important to think twice before believing in the safety of synthetic products. Skincare, ageing preventive treatments, foods and good lifestyles when together the result is a beautiful, glowing, healthy skin.

01. Keep your skin clean and moisture

Regular bath and cleansing

Cleanliness is the first care and it protects our healthy skin from infections and contaminants. Best way to cleanse the body surface is bathing. Bathing habits differ in different countries. According to the climate of country and living pattern, the need for taking bath varies. If you use public transport or work in a crowded area, bathing is important. Bath regularly but it is not suitable often. There is a layer of the dead cells, oil and bacteria on the body. Bacteria lives on healthy skin are not harmful to human and they prevent entering harmful things into your body. When you clean the body frequently that layer goes away. So consider these things before taking a bath. Have a short shower with cold or mildly hot water is better. The hot water bath may remove necessary oil from the body. It may lead your skin dry. Dry skin causes eczema (a condition that makes the skin red and itchy). Use harmless quality soap or body wash because others can damage sensitive skin.

Apply soft cleansing products

Strong soaps or other cleansers remove important body oils and essential bacteria. Without oil, you may feel dryness or rough sensitive. It is not the nature of healthy skin. Dryness causes rosacea and eczema-like disease conditions. Soaps containing herbs which can help you feel better and protect against the damages. There is a high chemical level in cosmetics products with more aroma. Moisturizing ingredients helps to keep it moist. Some products have included alcohol and harmful chemicals (Sodium Laureth Sulfate – SLES, Parabens, Cocamidopropyl betaine…) and avoid them. If you have sensitive skin use hypoallergenic products. Always choose products to suit the skin type. Normally the suitable type is noticed on the label of the product. Remember, take a bath without eliminating away surface essential oil. Then you can get healthy glowing skin.

Do not rub

When you take a bath and dry after bath, do not rub tough. Use a smooth towel to dry. It is better to gently pat and then allow to dry by air. Then stops the excessive dryness and preserves moisture. It helps to get healthy skin.

Use moisturizers

The main cause of skin problems is dryness and it occurs due to lack of proper water amount in the epidermis (most superficial layer of your body). But we can provide adequate moisture to prevent drying out. It can be done using both cosmetic productions and natural things. Natural things such as olive oil, almond, fresh milk, papaya, aloe vera are worked as natural moisturizers. If not, you can use productions containing these substances. These things increase the tone and then give a glowing skin. SPF moisturizers give you sun protection also as an additional advantage. Choose these products as suitable for your skin type. As an example, creams not suitable for oily type. Instead of those productions, use a gel or lotion. But if you have dry skin, use cream. moisturizers give you glowing healthy skin.

02. Take adequate nutrients

Take colourful fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables give vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals to us. It is better to take colourful foods. You need to eat rainbow-coloured foods to get complete nutrients. They promote your health and give healthy skin. Fruits and vegetables decrease the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart problems and also prevent obesity. Obesity is one reason for unhealthy skin. Stretch marks, wrinkles, infections, inflammations, melanoma, lymphedema are common problems in obese people. Those conditions badly affect your membrane. Foods which boost collagen level helps to decrease wrinkles and increase the tone.

Vitamin-rich foods for healthy skin

Vitamin A, C and E are more essential and give more benefits to the whole of our body and skin. A vitamin repairs new cells and restores the epidermis quickly. It helps to prevent acne and protects the skin’s immunity and gives a glowing appearance by keeping moisture. Green leaf, eggs, yellow vegetables and fruits give you vitamin A. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid raise the collagen and elastin of your membrane. Vit -C is a better antioxidant and sunscreen. Citrus fruits, green vegetables contain ascorbic acid. E vitamin also an antioxidant which helps to heal damages. It has the ability to protect you from the UV rays. Nuts, olive, seeds, avocado, vegetable oil are the Vit E rich foods.

Omega is important

Fat plays an important role to keep the body bright and moisture. Both Omega-3s and Omega-6s are very beneficial for everyone. It removes all marks, scars and gives healthy young-looking. Fish, olives, mackerel, salmon, walnuts are good sources of omega.

Drink adequate water for glowing skin

A skin mostly made up of water and approximately 60-70% of the human body contains. It plays an important and main role for healthy glowing skin. Adequate water intake increases health and protects from dehydration (lack of enough fluids in the body). Dehydration reduces the glow and causes many problems like aged appearance. Water maintains the circulatory system and transport nutrition and oxygen to whole body parts including skin cells. Adequate nutrition, oxygen and H2O repair the skin elasticity and tissues. The pH level of body surface regulates by water. As well as fluid intake, taking a bath also provide water to your body. Before applying makeup, wash your face with cold water, it prepares your face for makeup. Water is the best thing ever to get healthy glowing skin.

03. Give better care

Smokers are riskier

Smoking directly affects your health badly. It reduces the amount of oxygen that gets to the skin. wrinkles around the mouth and eyes are the result of damaged elasticity and collagens and it gives a grey and dull appearance to your epidermis. Then it gives you a more aged appearance. Nicotine which containing cigarettes cause infections and reduces the blood flow whole body and then reduces nutrition and oxygen transport to body parts. When decreasing oxygen and nutrition, the skin got pale, rough and decreases the tone also. Psoriasis is a condition that occurs due to smoking. Though it is a genetic autoimmune disease, high risk in smokers. Psoriasis can be seen as reddish patches on knees, elbows and scalp. Reduced blood supply to the body tissues causes the wrinkles and becomes their appearance 1.4 years elder than non-smokers. But if you stop smoking, you will prevent further deterioration of your skin caused by smoking. So if you want healthy glowing skin, stop smoking.

Sweating makes you glow

Exercises are essential for a healthy life. It protects your heart and other body parts as well as give you a better appearance. Because exercises improve circulation, it circulates nutrients and oxygen to whole your body as well as the skin. Thereby improve collagen production and new cell growth, slow the ageing process. You can keep a healthy glowing skin then.

Happiness is the keypoint

Stress harms your skin, body, your mind and whole your life. When you are stressed there are different hormones (cortisol) secrete and cause to increase the oil production from glands on the body surface. They lead to the pimple, rosacea and psoriasis-like conditions. If already have a skin disease it may worsen or may delay the cure. Happiness promotes the skin’s ability to repair and renew itself naturally.

Sleep is important

When you sleep, decrease the stress hormone like cortisol and secrete the growth hormones. This process promotes collagen production which needs to remove small wrinkles on the skin. The human growth hormone produced at night raise the muscles mass. Increases the blood supply to the skin during sleep. Poor sleep exhausted your eyes and cause folds and darkness appearance around the eyes. It makes elder looking.

Protect your healthy skin from sunlight

The main reason for skin damage is sunlight. Sunlight burns your healthy glowing skin from the surface to the cellular level. A burning membrane may give you premature ageing appearance (Photoaging). Mainly if you are living in a country which near to the equator you directly affect this problem daily. There are types of sunrays and they affect your body in a different way.

Visible light can be identified by the human eye and it is not harmful to you. UV rays mainly affect the skin badly. Though UV rays are blocked by the ozone and prevent reach the earth, it comes through the damaged Ozone layer. Exposure to UV radiation is the main reason for skin cancers. About 99% of non-melanoma cancers and 95% of melanomas are due to UV rays. There are two types of UV named as UVA and UVB. UVA penetrates to the dermis (thick layer of living tissue below the epidermis which forms the true skin) and can be damaged DNA. It may cause burning patches, cancers, photoaging and allergies. UVB is important to us and it makes vitamin D (20 minutes exposure is enough for it).
Ultraviolet light, as well as infrared rays, are invisible to the human eye. But human feels it as heat. Exposure to heat causes your healthy skin dry. Dried skin is not healthy and is lacking brightness and fairness.

So, when sunlight stronger, do not exposure to it. Use a high SPF valued sunscreen and a moisturizer when you go out. It is better to wear sun-protective clothes also.

Be alert for skin cancers or diseases

DNA mutations cause abnormal growth of cells on the skin. The main reason for the condition is exposure to UV rays. In most times these cancers appear on the areas which exposure to sunlight such as forehead, nose, lips, ears and some times can be seen in closed areas of your body. Be aware of the early signs of skin cancers. Generally, those appear as unhealing ulcer, a small reddish nodule, pink, red or blue colour spots which previously not seen, mole that changes the size, painful lesion. If you see any kind of changes on your body which have not seen in earlier, meet a doctor for health advice. Early detection helps to heal.


Skin is the organ hold on our all body parts in our body regularly. Not only that, thermoregulation, sensation, give an appearance also very important functions of it. If we want to live healthily, skin also should keep healthier. To get healthy glowing skin, these are the better things that you have to follow. So, we think you will catch these healthy habits for healthful life. For more information about health follow