COVID-19, Coronavirus: Impact on people with other health conditions

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The image symbolize a patient with chronic disease
COVID-19 symptoms are severe in patients with chronic diseases

Coronavirus affects all people without caring about peoples status. The person’s condition is not important for the coronavirus. Even some world powers also got sick by the COVID-19 pandemic disease in the recent past. Millions of people have died as a result of coronavirus infection. Even if everyone is infected with the disease, there are different impacts within each people. Some people died and some are cured. Symptoms also vary to each other and they can be mild to moderate and some times not prominent.

Symptoms of COVID-19 altered according to age or other pre-existing health conditions. Among elders and patients with chronic diseases, the condition may severe. Most of the dead due to coronavirus disease are elderly or sick people. But if you have any chronic disease, don’t worry. By following the steps that can be taken to prevent it, the situation will improve. In this article, we bring you the advice of the experts. Therefore, this article may be useful to anyone with other ailments.

Who are risky people for COVID-19?

Having a health condition is not a risk factor to infect the virus. But it is a risk to worsen the disease after infected. An individual with a chronic disease like cardiac problems, asthma, diabetes, cancers and the weakened immune system may more vulnerable to severe symptoms or life-threatening. The condition may critical to elderly (more than 70 years old) and people with;

  • Respiratory diseases ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – COPD, Asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary disease)
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Chronic kidney problems
  • Heart diseases
  • Diseases that weaken the immune system (HIV, autoimmune diseases)
  • patients who undergo medicines such as steroid tablets or chemotherapy
  • Liver problems (hepatitis)
  • high BMI level (over 40)
  • Pregnancy

Asthma and Coronavirus

There is no aware found yet that the people with asthma are a risk to infect coronavirus. According to news, the number of hospitalizations of asthma patients with coronavirus is high. Practising health habits and catching health advice help to prevent risks. If the asthma conditions become worse, the risk for COVID-19 is increasing. So it is advisable for them to use inhalers to control the disease. The maximum flow meter can be used to detect changes in symptoms. If you are an asthma patient, keep the condition under control using medications. There is no harm taking an inhaled corticosteroid which you take daily. You can take oral steroids like prednisolone also. They are not harmful to asthma patients. Apart from these things, follow other common health advises like hand washing, keeping social distance to avoid from coronavirus.

Heart diseases and coronavirus

Though the coronavirus normally affects to lungs, it might influence the heart too. The heart pumps the oxygenated blood throughout the body. But a diseased heart can not do its task properly and decrease efficiency. It could heighten the problems in a heart patient. For people who have heart diseases, the condition is dangerous. It means people who have cardiac problems are high risk for COVID-19 more than healthy people. Due to that, they are advised to avoid close contacts with others and stay home. If someone undergoes an operation in the near past, especially you are at high risk. So you had better following preventive measures.

COVID-19 and kidney problems

The news shows that corona patients with chronic kidney diseases (CKD)are more prone to severe conditions and deaths. Especially kidney transplant or dialysis patients and kidney transplant recipients. These patients are more likely to have other serious diseases like heart problems caused by CKD, diabetes, hypertension and stroke. Ability to occur complications of COVID-19 are high in CKD patients. Generally, the immunity of these patients is very poor and it leads to infecting coronavirus. The case may more severe withing the children suffering from kidney failure. It is better to protect from the virus following health advice strictly (handwashing, avoiding the crowded area, staying home). Continue your all treatments like haemodialysis.

Diabetes patients

If someone has type 1 or 2 diabetes mellitus, he may high risk for worsening the disease. That kind of patients should check up their blood glucose level when they have any sign of COVID-19 (dry cough, breathing difficulties, headache, fever). Stay home and don’t go to move with others. You can take online health advice instead of participating in clinics. Under the severe situations take the advice of coronavirus service in your country (these services differ for each country). Apart from these things, accompany with common precautions.

Other Conditions

Coronavirus influences on some conditions which not consider as a disease. Though those are not disorders, might lead the severe or life-threatening problems. So all individuals included to these conditions should protect from the ailment.

How coronavirus affect pregnancy?

There is no evidence to explain the effect on pregnant women and their fetus. So we can’t prove it is no harm to them. But according to the professionals, pregnant mothers and women who expecting a baby should protect from the coronavirus. Responsible persons say that pregnant mothers which less than 28 weeks can do their jobs and if fetus more than 28 weeks should avoid from close contacts with others. However, both of them should avoid the crowded area. Some times, we saw coronavirus infected mothers have delivered healthy babies. So don’t afraid.

Are smokers at high risk?

Normally, the risks of respiratory diseases are high in smokers. It is not unique only for coronavirus. They touching their face often and it is also a risk factor for infect coronavirus. The use of one cigarette by multiple smokers increases spreading COVID-19. Some times cigarettes may spread the virus. This may happen with any kind of drug product. The best thing is preventing from smoking. It improves your immune.


Coronavirus does not choose people which it wanted to infect and any person may be infected by it. But all people can protect from the virus by following a healthy lifestyle, hand washing, keeping persona hygiene, taking healthy foods and preventing risk factors. If not, risk factors can increase the ability to infect the people and worsen the symptoms. Some times those may life-threatening. So, manage your risk factors and diseases. There is not a reason to afraid about your chronic disease when you control it properly.

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