Coronavirus second wave: Has It Been Commencing?

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Will the second wave of new coronavirus come about?

Coronavirus second wave: Infectious diseases spread from an infected person to another person by close contacts. In an epidemic situation, it becomes a peak level and then gradually diminishing. There, persons who have poor immunity undergo to the infection in most time while the strongest survive from the disease. To get rid of the plague, responsible sectors follow the preventive measures as informed by WHO. Despite that, the epidemic can re-emerge in a new way. The tragic is that people are falling apart again with rising the infection afresh.

What meant of the second wave?

There are no exact parameters to define the “second wave”. But we can understand this as a serious recurrence after has diminished or quashed the previous condition. Normally the human body develops immunity against the pathogens after an infection. In the second wave of any infection, persons who have not/ poor immunity protection infect by the new or redesigned pathogen. Their bodies are not ready to face newly generated microorganisms/ novel pathogens. As a result, people who have suffered from past disaster also are rapidly catching up again. This can spread around the world or a large area around the world again as the second wave a few months later.

In the previous pandemic, most countries followed strict steps to stop spread the coronavirus. Locked down most areas, restricted the transport within areas, protected the quarantine principles in the past catastrophic period. But, human start to communicate closely with each other and getting back to normal life after relaxing the restrictions. It increases the ability to start the coronavirus second wave.

Some professionals show that there is a coronavirus second wave might start. These prophecies have published after studying the present social responses and depending on the current situation.

Will the second wave of coronavirus come about?

The best method to stop the pandemic is to restrict public transport. When decreasing the people’s movements lowers the virus’s spread also. Then, the infected population can be found in just the onset place and directed to quarantine before the onset of the disease. Now in most countries, governments have decided to relax the rules of observation, open up the lockdown areas and they have started public transport services and allow to move through provinces/ districts. They have opened pubic places for people and started working places. With this quick relaxation, individuals are back to their normal life, but social distancing can be fading away. The coronavirus infection might reappear due to re-opening. It may be the coronavirus second wave.

How to prevent it?

The effective method to stop the spread of coronavirus second wave is, limits the relaxation of restrictions until study the risk level. If not, peoples should keep under testing level or less contamination. Health authorities have responsibilities such as inspections to identify the infected individuals and quarantine programs for achieving this purpose. Furthermore, population isolation, locking the affected area and identifying risky persons. It is important to find individuals who interacted with infected people for further management.

Finally, Immunity grows within the people who exposed to the infection and then, stops the spreading. Immunity is established in human clusters once, it stops recurring. Otherwise, the spread of infection will be able to stop permanently after a vaccine is found.

Is there a second wave of coronavirus in China?

In some areas of China, the disease has been successfully reduced, while in other areas it is still recurring. When the infection heals, human become immune. But we saw that individuals have got infected again in china. There is still insufficient data on how long the immune stays in the body. People are safe until they follow the preventive measures introduced by WHO, otherwise, the virus can spread quickly. However, no one knows exactly how long to follow it. But if China fails to follow again social distance and lockdown the affected areas, the spread of COVID-19 once again accelerates.

Investigators uncovered 40 virus samples from the Shinfadi market. The cause of this new outbreak is not clear whether to come from peoples or foods transport yet. But some say it might come from Europe. However, it appears that the virus comes again from the Xinfadi market, Beijing’s largest wholesale food market. The market has closed and its population were referred to self-isolate for a few weeks now. The government have decided to keep close the schools furthermore which were planned to be reopened. But Zunyou Wu, MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology in UCLA Fielding Schools of Public Health have announced that Beijing is under control. Actually, though we can see the new cases still reporting, the situation looks like the calm. Without appropriate measures, Beijing also can become an epidemic hotspot.

What will China do?

According to the news, Beijing is taking further measures to prevent the new outbreak from spreading to other parts of the country. The movements of the risked inhabitants of the capital restricted. Sources say that they have also taken steps to lock down the area again. They do tests for vulnerable individuals and people who have already left the city and came back. However, they are following their own safety measures to face the coronavirus second wave.

Beware of the second wave – South Korea

South Korea has pronounced the coronavirus second wave considering the growth of clusters taken from night clubs and other public places in capital city Seoul. Regarding the first wave statistics, they had been confirmed that the epidemic impact has ended until recorded 17 cases during 24 hours. Dr Jeong of Korea noticed that she expects a second wave because of the revival of coronavirus while KCDC (Korea Centers for Disease Control) published that the first wave of coronavirus has not ended yet. Analyzing all facts the personal hygiene must carefully maintain to bypass risk factors of the pandemic disease.

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